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5 Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial Roof

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As a commercial enterprise, you know how imperative it is to maintain the appearance of a good business – an appearance that matches the actual quality of your business. As such, you want your building to look in as good of a shape as it possibly can be in. There are plenty of things that people immediately think to invest in: a beautiful store front, an interior that matches your company’s MO and a great quality commercial roof. Maintaining a commercial roof, however, can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. In order to ameliorate the...

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How to Build a Stylish Pallet Fence for Your Yard

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Are you looking for inexpensive and eco-friendly ways to fence in your yard? Building a pallet fence is an excellent solution. You’ll be recycling old pallets, which you can often get for free from shipping companies and warehouses, and the result will keep your yard secure and stylish. Making a Pallet Fence Start by determining how many pallets you’ll need. Measure the length and width of the area you wish to enclose (in inches), and then divide each number by 40 inches to determine how many pallets you’ll need for each...

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Fiscally (And Physically) Protecting Your Home From Water Damage

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If you live on the peak of a hill, or are located far from any bodies of water, you may not spend much time worrying about your home flooding. However, any home can suffer water damage — from a burst pipe to a tree branch through a window, to the aftermath of a house fire, water may enter your home in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, several types of water damage aren’t covered by the typical homeowner’s insurance policy. You may need to be proactive in ensuring you’re fully protected against water damage. Read on to...

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Don’t Let Pressure Cripple Your Water Heater: What You Should Know About Expansion Tanks

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When the water in your plumbing system is heated, that heat causes it to expand. In hot water systems that use storage tanks, the expansion can cause added pressure in the system. With nowhere to go, the pressure buildup may ultimately damage the hot water lines and tank. One of the best ways for you to protect your home’s water heater system is to add an expansion tank. This will serve as an overflow for the water as it is heated. Here are some tips to help you with adding an expansion tank to any water heater system. Adding an...

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Can You 3D Print Your New Home?

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The last few years have marked a dramatic explosion in the types of items that can be created by a 3D printer — from prosthetic limbs (or even assistive devices for disabled pets) to food and everything in between. But the technological advance that perhaps offers the most benefit to society is the ability to 3D print entire homes. These homes can be constructed from wood, mud, clay, concrete, or even paper, and can be fully assembled at a low cost within only a few days. Read on to learn more about the advantages of 3D printing your...

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Keep Your Wall Convector Running By Performing These Simple Maintenance Tasks

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What a wall convector is and how it works A wall convector is a residential or commercial heating device that functions similar to a radiator. It is either mounted adjacent to a wall, or in the case of older properties, is often mounted in the wall itself to save space and preserve the aesthetics of a room. Some convectors can also function as cooling devices, though most units are strictly designed for heating. Convectors typically utilize hot water pumped from a central boiler unit as the heat source. An incoming supply line feeds hot water...

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Asphalt Bird Baths: What Are They And Should You Fix Them Yourself?

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Traditional bird baths make attractive and eye-catching accessories on your property. But when bird baths or asphalt depressions develop in your driveway and collect muddy water, the visual effects can be less than stellar. Asphalt depressions aren’t the same potholes, which are large holes that form deep within the ground below asphalt pavement. Asphalt depressions affect the surface layers of the asphalt but have the potential to become potholes without the proper repairs or maintenance. Because asphalt bird baths require a...

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Prevent Window Condensation With These Moisture-Reducing Tips

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Ever take a look at your windows on a particularly hot or cold day and found them covered in a light fog or water drops? Under the right conditions, condensation can form on your home’s windows, making cleaning a nuisance while promoting dangerous mold growth and decay. The following explains why window condensation happens, what you can do about it right away and how you can prevent it from occurring in the future. Problems That Could Cause Window Condensation Moisture is a constant presence in the air you breathe. The warmer the air,...

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Using Glass Art To Enhance Your Home

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After you move into a home, you begin to notice the small details that really make a house feel like it’s a reflection of you. One way to do this is through your choices in artwork and decor, and custom made glass windows can serve as a breathtaking focal point that will let your house stand out from others and make a statement that is uniquely yours. Here are some ways you can use custom glass in your home.  Personalize Windows Use stained glass or painted glass to enhance a prominent window or a front door and let the world know...

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4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Flat Roof

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If your commercial roof is nearing the end of its design life, you may be inclined to repair any damages to add a few years on. However, more often than not, a complete renovation is the best way to go, as repairs only fix small problems where a renovation can inject a new lease of life into your building. If you’ve decided to install a new flat roof on your property, there are a few things you have to consider:  Durability Flat roofs are subject to more onerous pressures, as they do not have a pitch to allow surface run-off. As...

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