Investing in windows to save on heating and cooling

Prevent Window Condensation With These Moisture-Reducing Tips

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Ever take a look at your windows on a particularly hot or cold day and found them covered in a light fog or water drops? Under the right conditions, condensation can form on your home’s windows, making cleaning a nuisance while promoting dangerous mold growth and decay. The following explains why window condensation happens, what you can do about it right away and how you can prevent it from occurring in the future. Problems That Could Cause Window Condensation Moisture is a constant presence in the air you breathe. The warmer the air,...

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Using Glass Art To Enhance Your Home

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After you move into a home, you begin to notice the small details that really make a house feel like it’s a reflection of you. One way to do this is through your choices in artwork and decor, and custom made glass windows can serve as a breathtaking focal point that will let your house stand out from others and make a statement that is uniquely yours. Here are some ways you can use custom glass in your home.  Personalize Windows Use stained glass or painted glass to enhance a prominent window or a front door and let the world know...

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4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Flat Roof

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If your commercial roof is nearing the end of its design life, you may be inclined to repair any damages to add a few years on. However, more often than not, a complete renovation is the best way to go, as repairs only fix small problems where a renovation can inject a new lease of life into your building. If you’ve decided to install a new flat roof on your property, there are a few things you have to consider:  Durability Flat roofs are subject to more onerous pressures, as they do not have a pitch to allow surface run-off. As...

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Comfortable, Classic, Cozy Cottage: Tips To Create A Cottage-Style Home For Entertaining

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As a homeowner, you most likely furnish, decorate, and design your space to suit your unique style and family’s needs. From painting rooms in different colors to placing decorative accessories around your house as accents, the process of making a house into a home can be fun. Of course, if you are planning to entertain at home, extra planning can be helpful. Considering spring and summer are quickly approaching, it is a great time to get your home ready for entertaining family and friends. The design and décor of a cottage-style home is...

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How To Be Safe When You Have A Home Elevator

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Residential elevators have rapidly grown in popularity in the United States. When compared to the results of a study done fewer than 15 years ago, over three times as many homeowners today consider an elevator as worthwhile to have. That’s not surprising when you consider the relief that home elevators can provide for busy, tired, or disabled occupants. However, owning a home with an elevator requires an extra level of care as compared to a home without one. Serious or fatal accidents can occur if elevators are mistreated or left...

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Don’t Delay Having Your In-Ground Pool Leak Repaired

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You can’t deny it any longer — your outdoor in-ground swimming pool has a leak. The water loss isn’t dramatic, but it’s noticeable. Since you’re a bit strapped for cash at the moment, you can’t decide whether to call a pool repair service right now or wait. Maybe you’re worried that the project will be a big one, and that the technicians will even have to drain the pool to find and fix the problem. It’s best not to delay, since a pool leak is associated with several types of expenses that...

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4 Tips To Make Your New AC Installation A Breeze

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With many air conditioning (AC) units available, selecting the right one can be a chore. Several features are available with newer AC models that can make you happier with your decision. Furthermore, the installation location of your unit and preventing theft can reduce problems in the future. Opt For Solar-Ready Models You may not be concerned about alternative energy sources, but when cost is not a significant factor, consider choosing a model that is capable of using solar panels. When you are ready to make the transition to using solar...

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2 Ways To Minimize Your Garage Door’s Heat Loss

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Regardless of the season, your garage is the largest source of heat loss (or gain!) in your home. In the summer, your garage becomes extremely hot and transfers heat to the adjoining rooms. In winter, your garage leaks the precious hot air created by your forced-air furnace. Both of these issues are caused by the same problem: your poorly-insulated or unsealed garage door. However, by performing these two tasks, you can minimize the heat loss or gain caused by your garage door throughout the entire year. Install Foam Boards Even if your...

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3 Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Replaced

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Your furnace has been a reliable source of heat and warmth for the past several years. However, you’ve recently noticed that your furnace isn’t operating as well as it did when it was new. Instead of continuing to debate whether or not to replace your furnace, determine whether or not these three signs are present in your furnace—and if they are, then replace it: Your Heating Costs Are Climbing At the time of its installation, your furnace was likely one of the most efficient models available to you. However, now that it’s...

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Air Conditioning Installation – What You Should Do Before The Appointment

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If you want a central air conditioning system installed in your home, then it is wise to hire a professional contractor to install the unit for you. The professional can help you to choose the best air conditioning system for your home based on the size of your house, and the individual can teach you how to use the unit properly. An installation appointment will be arranged so the unit can be secured, but there are some things you should look into or take care of before the individual comes to your home. Keep reading to learn what these...

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